The XXV International Congress of Holistic Vision was a privilege for us. For the first time in Spain, we lived here together the exciting adventure of Natural Vision. We did have five spectacular days devoted entirely to natural vision, enjoying unforgettable experiences in lectures and workshops, with the best worldwide professionals and many more surprises; all this in a special enclave, with fantastic food, nice weather and making friends with a common goal: see clearer and live happier every day.

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Let's start with our Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to offer in this Congress the presence of fantastic speakers, experts in different disciplines, who will delight you, not only with the content of the lectures but also by the way they transmit. We´ll be enlighted by the magic of Meir Schneider, Leo Angart, Amelia Salvador, Maurizio Cagnoli, Esther van der Werf, Richard Hobday, Aileen Whiteford, Miko Markiewicz, Suzanne Powell, Enrique Jurado and Celia de Austria. Thanks to all!

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Effective Workshops

This is not an event to overwhelm you from too much info,
and then realize at home you have no way to implement those valuable advises.
Rather, a designed educational and friendly experience to change your vision of life.
This approach provides you with exactly what you need to take you to the next level.

One of the most extraordinary venues in Madrid area

Welcome to this amazing atmosphere.

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Digital Journal (Blog)

This is our meeting point to share the excitement of our meeting at the Holistic Vision Congress in Spain. Comment and share these news so that we may feel you are still here with us.

  • Amelia Jurado

    “We are looking forward to seeing you next november. You’ll find that Alcalá and Madrid provide the perfect setting for an excepcional holistic experience”

    Amelia Jurado
  • Amelia Salvador

    “We are famous for our fabulous parties, and this time is no exception. Come and learn everything about Natural Vision, meet great experts, and create your professional networks. But first of all, just have fun.”

    Amelia Salvador
  • William H Bates

    “This is going to be the best Holistic Vision Congress on earth, since the very beginning, and I did not miss a single one.”

    William H Bates